10 Sentences using but

Hello Readers here you will read 10 Sentences using but. You must have seen many such sentences in which you have seen the use of but. Following are examples of such sentences in which but is used. This word serves to connect two sentences.

10 Sentences using but :

1) He was hungry, but he had no food.

2) This market is good, but it is far away.

3) He wants to buy that product, but he has less money.

4) He wants to go on a trip, but he has office work.

5) Jimmy attended the meeting, but he was late.

6) She wants to go, but her mother will not allow it.

7) Children like fast food, but it is bad for their health.

8) I think he is honest, but he is not.

9) I have nothing, but I am happy.

10) She is poor, but she helps him.

To learn English one should learn about new words every day. By conjunctions in English we come to know about such sentences in which but, for, and, yet etc. are used. You can also read other posts along with this to learn English.

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