10 Sentences using an

Hello Readers here you will read 10 Sentences using an. English today is a language that everyone wants to learn. Many people want to learn the English language. Practicing is very important to learn the English language. Keep learning new words. Must practice making sentences in English.

An is used before a word that begins with a vowel letter.

10 Sentences using an :-

1) Rita bought an umbrella.

2) John eats an apple in the morning.

3) I saw an owl.

4) We bought an ice cream in the market.

5) He takes an oath to speak the truth.


6) Robin takes an egg for me.

7) Raman saw an aunt.

8) We saw an elephant in zoo.

9) Rimpy booked an appointment.

10) She waited an hour for me.

Sentences with an :-

11) His parents do not want an argument.

12) He written an incredible story.

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