10 sentences using always

Hello Readers here you will read 10 sentences using always. You must have seen many such sentences in which you have seen the use of always. Examples of such sentences are given below. This word is used in sentences where something is happening all the time. The following are examples of sentences in which always is used.

10 sentences using always :

1) He always tops the exams.

2) Always speak the truth.

3) She always arrives on time.

4) A great man always thinks of others.

5) Hard work always leads to success.

6) Tim always stays home on Sunday.

7) He always likes to eat fruit.

8) They always help the needy.

9) I always read storybooks.

10) She always respects us.

There are some sentences which we use every day in our life, even by learning such sentences we can increase our knowledge of English.

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