10 Sentences of Who

Hello Readers here you will read 10 Sentences of Who. “Who” is used in a sentence to make a question, and you will see here 10 examples of such sentences.

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10 Sentences of Who :

1) Who asked him ?

2) Who is responsible for that ?

3) Who is the owner of this car ?

4) Who helped him ?

5) Who does not respect her ?

6) Who was it ?

7) Who likes her ?

8) Who told him where to go from here ?

9) Who has seen him ?

10) Who bought this ?

You will have seen many sentences in which ‘who’ is used. You can easily understand by reading these sentences. Our effort is to bring new sentence information every day. We bring something new every day related to English language so that all students who want to learn English can learn it easily.

Who Sentences Examples :

11) Who asked you to do this ?

12) Who loves you ?

13) Who seems more smart ?

14) Who performed well ?

15) Who knows it well ?

English is the language spoken in most countries. By learning it, one can share their ideas in another country. Learning it has many benefits. Many paths are opened for man.

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