10 Sentences of how

Hello Learners here you will read 10 sentences of how. Here you will read sentences with how. You will have seen many sentences in which how is used. ‘How’ is mostly used in interrogative sentences.

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10 Sentences of how :-

1) How are you ?

2) How i can help you ?

3) How i can read this book ?

4) How i can meet you ?

5) How you reached here ?

6) How you can do this ?

7) How much distance he covered ?

8) How you solve this ?

9) How far office from here ?

10) How is it possible ?

Sentences Using How :-

11) How do you complete this ?

12) How he answer this ?

13) How you save him ?

14) How you made this ?

15) How i can ask that ?

16) How she can say that ?

17) How did she get this ?

18) How did he cover that distance ?

19) How you can speak this ?

20) How did you write this poem ?
We try to bring something new to teach English language every day. Here you have read some sentences related to how.

To learn English language you should start from scratch. Every day there is something new to learn. You can practice what you have learned with an English-speaking friend. Your confidence will only grow with practice.

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