10 Sentences of Active and Passive Voice

Hello Learners here you will read 10 Sentences of Active and Passive Voice. You can also read the active and passive voice of pronouns. You have to read the rules before changing from active to passive voice.

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10 Sentences of Active and Passive Voice :-

Active Voice – 1) You are troubling me.

Passive Voice – I am being troubled by you.

2) He is not writing an essay.

An essay is not being written by him.

3) She has not completed the work.

The work had not been completed by her.


4) Harry has cooked food in one hour.

Food has been cooked by harry in one hour.


5) She was cooking food.

Food was being cooked by her.


6) He had won a prize.

A prize had been won by her.


7) Respect your elders.

Let your elders be respected.


8) I know him.

He is known to me.


9) You can trust him.

He can be trusted by you.


10) Do it just now.

Let it be done just now.

Active to Passive Voice of Pronouns :-

                           I                             Me
                          He                             Him
                         She                             Her
                         We                             Us
                        They                            Them


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