10 Sentences in Spanish

Hello Readers here you will read 10 Sentences in Spanish. If you want to learn Spanish, you can read these sentences. You can start with basic sentences. Practice is important to learn a language.

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10 Sentences in Spanish :-

1) Hasta luego ( ahs-tah looeh-goh ) (See you later)

2) Hasta manana ( ahs-tah mah-nyah-nah) (See you tomorrow)

3) Buena suerte (bvooeh-nah sooehr-teh) (good luck)

4) Un vaso de agua (oon bvah-soh deh ah-gooah) (A glass of water)

5) Esta frio (ehs-tah freeoh) (It’s cold)

6) Es sabroso (ehs sah-bvroh-soh) (it’s tasty)

7) Te ayudo? (teh ah-yoo-doh) (Can I help you?)

8) Si ayudame. (see ah-yoo-dah-meh) (Yes,help me)

9) No hable (noh ah-bvleh) Don’t talk.

10) Estamos muy felices ( ehs -tah-mohs mooy feh-lee-sehs) We’re very happy.

Sentences for Practice :

1) No estoy contento.

  • I am not pleased.


2) ¿Qué es esto?

  • What is this?

3) ¿Cuando vendras?

  • When will you come?

4) Él está ausente.

He is absent.

5) Él es feliz.
– He is happy.

6) Ella está triste.
– 7She is sad.

7) Él va.

He is going.

8) Lo conozco.

I know him.

Use these sentences with a Spanish speaker; it will help you learn this language.

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