10 Richest young Aussies of 2023 revealed

Hello Here you will read 10 Richest young Aussies of 2023 revealed. The richest young Australians under 40 have been announced. Some well-known names and new faces are on the list. Melanie Perkins, 36, and Cliff Obrecht, 37, who started Canva, are at the top with a total wealth of $13 billion. They began Canva in 2012 and own 30% of the company, which is now worth $40.35 billion.

10 Richest young Aussies of 2023 revealed :-

The 100 richest young Australians under 40 have a total of $37.7 billion. This is a bit less than the record in 2021, mainly because the tech industry didn’t do as well.

Here are the top 10 richest young Australians:

  1. Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht (Canva): $13.01 billion
  2. Ed Craven (stake.com): $3.11 billion
  3. Sam Prince (Zambrero): $1.55 billion
  4. Jack Zhang (Airwallex): $1.45 billion
  5. Nick Molnar (Afterpay): $1.16 billion
  6. Adrian Portelli (businessman and property investor): $1.03 billion
  7. Jacob Dai (Airwallex): $966 million
  8. Robert Chamberlain (Huno Group): $877 million
  9. Max Li (Airwallex): $771 million

These young people have made a lot of money in various industries.

Melanie Perkins is an important businessperson from Australia. She started Canva, a website that helps people make designs. Canva is easy to use, and many people like it. Melanie, along with her partner Cliff Obrecht, turned Canva into a very valuable company. In 2023, she’ll be one of the richest young people in Australia, with over $13 billion. She was born in 1987 and has done a lot to change how graphic design works.


Ed Craven is a young businessperson, only 28 years old. He started a website called stake.com, where people can trade and invest their money. He’s done things in a new and different way in the finance industry, and that’s made him very successful. He’s now worth $3.11 billion. Ed Craven is on the list of Australia’s richest young people under 40 because he’s shown he can do well in the world of money and technology.

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