10 examples of Proper Noun sentences

Hello Grateful Study readers here you will read 10 examples of Proper Noun sentences. If you want to learn English. You should have knowledge of English grammar.

10 examples of Proper Noun sentences :-

A proper noun is used for a specific thing like a place or a person etc. Examples of this are given below :

1) Harry lives in Australia.

2) Delhi is the capital of India.

3) The city London is situated on the banks of the River Thames.

4) Aman has Thursday off work.

5) Rajdeep reads New York Times newspaper.


6) Taj Mahal is located in Agra.

7) The Ontario state is located in Canada.

8) Sydney city is in Australia.

9) Barack Obama has served as the President of the United States.

10) Elon Musk is the richest man in the world.

Proper nouns are used in these sentences.

The city of California is located in the United States. Ottawa is the capital of Canada. Hardeep goes to work on Monday. Ganga is one of the major river of India. Aman studies in Rajesh Convent School. Asia continent is the largest continent.

If you want to know about other types of noun then you can read from below. Some examples of noun types are also given for ease of reading. Even though you can read definition of proper Noun.

Finally , Hope you know the proper noun. Proper nouns and their examples.

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