10 Examples of Prepositional Phrases

Hello Learners here you will read 10 Examples of Prepositional Phrases. It is a group of many verbal expressions that use prepositions to change the meaning of the verb. When a verb and a prepositional phrase are combined, a new meaning emerges. Which is different from the original meaning of the verb.

10 Examples of Prepositional Phrases :-

A) Back from

B) Put on

C) Took over

D) Taking on

E) Up to

F) Came up

G) Got into

H) Took off

I) Get off

J) Out of


1) He took everything back from his office.

2) She put on his gloves.

3) A new owner took over the factory.

4) His office is taking on new clerks.

5) The old man was up to something again.


6) Ms. Harry came up with a wonderful design.

7) The two students got into it after school.

8) The plane took off very quickly

9) I get off at eleven. You can pick me up then.

10) The owner kicked him out of his apartment.

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