10 body parts in Spanish

Hello Readers here you will read 10 body parts in Spanish. Here you will find the names of your body parts in Spanish. If you want to read more related posts, you can read. Every day you can learn new words in Spanish. We will try our best to help you. Come up with new words.

Many people want to learn Spanish language nowadays, the popularity of this language is increasing day by day, new students are coming towards it, people want to learn the words spoken every day in Spanish language.

10 body parts in Spanish :-

Arm  –  Brazo

Ear   –  Oreja

Eye  –  Ojo

Nose   –   Nariz

Head     –   Cabeza


Teeth    –    Dientes

Leg      –    Pierna

Mouth    –   Boca

Finger    –    Dedo

Hair    –   cabello

Basic knowledge is very important to learn any language. If you have basic information then your attention will be easily connected. Language is easy but hard work and passion are very important.

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