1 to 10 in Spanish

Hello Readers here you will read 1 to 10 in Spanish. You will see what one is called in Spanish. And ten is called in Spanish. If you want to gain knowledge of everyday Spanish language phrases or words, you can read below and along with other lessons.

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1 to 10 in Spanish :

                                 1                                 uno
                                 2                                 dos
                                 3                                 tres
                                 4                                 cuatro
                                 5                                 cinco
                                 6                                 seis
                                 7                                 siete
                                 8                                 ocho
                                 9                                 nueve
                                10                                 diez


Here we read the numbers from 1 to 10 in Spanish.

The Spanish language is not difficult, the most important thing is that we must practice whatever we read, only then we can really know a language well.

Sentences in Spanish for Practice :

1) I walk two km every day.

  • Camino dos kilómetros todos los días.

Everyday – Todos los dias


2) We are three brothers.

  • Somos tres hermanos.

brothers – hermanos


3) I have two watches.

  • Tengo dos relojes.

watches – relojes.


4) He had two hours.

  • Tenía dos horas.

hours – horas.


5) He rested for an hour.

  • Descansó durante una hora.

rest – descanso


6) My school starts at eight o’clock.

  • Mi escuela empieza a las ocho.

starts – empieza

Hope you have learned something about the Spanish language from this lesson. Stay connected with us to learn something new every day.

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