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Hello Readers here you will read 1 Minute Speech on Yoga. Yoga is an exercise that is necessary to improve the physical and mental condition. Its greatness is from ancient times but even in today’s new age the world is adopting yoga.

Yoga is slowly gaining ground among the people and since 2015, June 21 has been dedicated to Yoga Day all over the world.

1 Minute Speech on Yoga :-

There are many benefits to doing 15 to 20 minutes of yoga every day. It also keeps the body healthy and improves mental health. It relieves mental stress. Yoga strengthens the body and also increases flexibility in the body. Enabling keeps the body posture correct.

If we adopt yoga in our life every day then it will have a positive effect on our life. You can select a suitable place to enable it or enable it on a yoga mat.

Enabling cures many ailments and improves lung function. It also improves digestion. Enabling improves breathing. So in the end I will say that there are lot of benefits of yoga.

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