1 Minute speech on time management

Hello Readers here you will read 1 Minute speech on time management. Time plays an important role in achieving success. If we use time with proper management, it can change our lives. There should be a timetable before starting any work.

1 Minute speech on time management :-

Time is very precious in life. Its proper use only makes a person successful. Time once passed cannot be returned, so it is important to use it wisely.

How to manage time is most important. First of all it is very important to have a time table which includes how much time to give for each task. Never spend too long on one task.

So it is best to divide a task into parts or have a short break between tasks. While doing any work, focus should be on only one task which will take less time to complete that task.

It is important for time management that unnecessary things on which time is wasted should be stopped. You should also know how much time you are spending on a task.

Prioritizing time is also important. First of all, the work that is most important should be done first. The work that is less important should be given time later.

It is very important to have a routine of work, it is also important to know how much time to complete this work.

Time management is very important because success of a person is connected with it. Frivolous things that waste time should be avoided.

While doing work, focus should be on one task only, not on two things.

A long-term task can be broken down into smaller parts.

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