1 Minute Speech on Sports

Hello Students here you will read 1 Minute Speech on Sports. Sports are Important for a Healthy Life. Sports are also important for Mental Health.

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1 Minute Speech on Sports :-


Doing daily routine work sometimes makes our body feel like stress but when we play a game the stress goes away completely and the mind also gets refreshed. After playing, the body also comes to agility.

Playing sports gives us a sense of discipline. When we follow the rules in sports, then we start following the rules in our personal life as well. The way sports teach us to value time.
Winning or losing in sports also gives us a sense of tolerance.

After all, the biggest benefit of sports is that they keep the body healthy. If we look back to the past, we can see the greatness of sports. In the old days people mostly cycled

And at that time people were doing a lot of physical activities. Due to which the people of that time were very old and they did not get any diseases even in old age. But nowadays people do very little physical activity like people nowadays use motorbike or car instead of using bicycle to get close. And people today get a lot of diseases at a very young age.

So no matter how many things a person collects, but if his body is not healthy then all these are of no use. To keep the body healthy, he has to come to sports and do as much physical activity as possible. This will keep the body healthy and active.

That is why it is said that only a healthy body has a healthy Mind.


Some important questions related to Sports

1) When is National Sports Day celebrated in India?
Answer – 29 August

2) What is the name of the biggest award given in sports in India?
Answer: Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award.

3) Where is the National Sports University located in India?
North – Imphal (Manipur)

4) When and where was the first Commonwealth Games held in India?
North – in 2010 in Delhi.

5) When did India win its first gold medal in Commonwealth Games?
Answer: Milkha Singh in 1958

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