1 Minute speech on Social Media

Hello Readers here you will read 1 Minute speech on Social Media. Nowadays, everybody uses social media. Media helps in many aspects. You can read about the importance of social media as well as its disadvantages.

1 Minute speech on Social Media :-

Social media has become such a platform today that it is an important part of everyone’s life. It has many advantages and also many disadvantages.

With this we can talk anywhere in the world, we can convey our message to the world in a short time. Any information required we can easily get.

We can share our thoughts. Any news is easily reached through social media. Many people also use it for shopping. There are many things through which we can learn something.

Along with this, there are many disadvantages of social media, the biggest disadvantage is that there is a risk to privacy.

Sometimes we waste our precious time on frivolous things. Many times it happens that there is a fake news and we share it further which only spreads the fake news. This also leads to many online frauds.
Many people also get wrong education through social media.

So it is important that we are using social media for our progress or for destruction. If it is used in a good way, a lot of new things can be done. It should be used according to one time only
Not that you should use social media all the time when you are free.

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