1 Minute Speech on Peace

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 1 Minute Speech on Peace :

Hello Guys here you will read 1 Minute Speech on Peace. Importance of Peace. Good citizens can only be those who like peace. Peace and harmony are good for bright future of country.

Peace is essential for the whole world. The purpose of celebrating this day is to convey the importance of peace among the people.

Only by following the path of peace a country or society develop . 

Everyone should play responsibility for peace. Everyone has a role to play in maintaining peace. We must start with ourselves first. 

1 Minute Speech on Peace :

Only when there is peace we can enjoy our rights. If we keep peace then everything will become easier automatically.

History has shown that wars between nations were the result of a lack of peace and harmony. Due to which a lot of losses were incurred and those countries were left far behind.

How to make peace

For peace there must be equality for all and justice for all. No one should be discriminated against Caste. The welfare of humanity must come first. Any conversation can be done sitting down. Every problem can be solved by discussion.

Only with peace can the future of a country be bright. Countries thrive where people understand and apply the meaning of peace and harmony.
Good citizens can only be those who love peace.


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