1 Minute Speech on Father

Hello Grateful Study Readers here you will read 1 Minute Speech on Father. Father is a special person of family. He try to full fill all the needs of family. He takes care of family.

1 Minute Speech on Father :-

Father is a precious gift from God. Father is the backbone of the family. The father is the head of the family and most of the responsibilities are on him.

He is such a person who can not fulfill his wishes but he tries to fulfill every wish of the family. He works hard so that I can fulfill all the needs of the family. A father only makes his children feel safe. Because they know that we have a father. A father protects his children by being a shadow in every trouble.

He works hard day and night to make the future of his children better. He also has to face a lot of troubles at times but still he does not have any complaints with the family he performs all his duties honestly.

Father’s Day is celebrated every year. Good thing Father’s Day is celebrated. But is just one day enough for a father? The answer is no. Children should also cooperate to keep the father happy.
Children should spend some time sitting with father. With which both the children and the father will feel good. Children should also take care of their father’s needs. The whole family should give full support to the father.

After mother, father is the only person who will really care about you. Only a father is a person who will be more happy to see the progress of his children than himself. So such relationships should always be valued.

Lines about Father :-

No one in the world can love like a father.

Only the father fulfills the needs of his family.


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